Our Fleet

We are proud to really have the most comfort, top notch and stylish fleet of luxury limousines in Corona. Regardless of the size group or occasion, our limos are here to meet the needs you have and provide the experience you deserve.

Our limousines each have full tanks of gas, so that you do not need to make unnecessary pauses, if you don’t choose to.

Each driver is trained to use all lengths of our different limousines, so that you can can feel protected, relaxed and happy. Each car is maintained to guarantee the highest standard of safety so that you can have a smooth, safe ride with no surprises or unexpected stops, to get you there and back.

We offer superior size options. Our limos can accommodate celebrations of any size, whether just you need a trip to the airport, or your entire wedding celebration and extended family want to stay together.

We regularly clean and detail our limousines so that each passenger enjoys a top notch and clean ride.

We can take your party or event to another level, and with an appearance that makes those around you stay fascinated by you, you’ll enjoy every minute in a ride of one of our limousines! We have the sleek, nice vehicle that will make it worth your cash!

We have the limousine service that you deserve. No matter the time, date, or area within California, our company is here to serve you and to making it worth your time. Whether you want an trip, party bus, or stretch limo, we are confident that you will want our great and enjoyable service.

Our limos have nice and comfortable seats, tinted windows, and most notably, competitive prices. Regardless of the limousine you select, we guarantee competitive prices.

We are a good limo firm and are dedicated to treating you as the type of customer you deserve to be treated as.